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and support Ozone House leaders and staff, who work tirelessly to create a stronger, healthier community.



Allison Brengle
Crisis Line & Volunteer Coordinator

dawn websiteDawn Espy
Education Program Manager
MS, University of Michigan

patrick website
Patrick Gaulier
Clinical Case Manager & Lead PrideZone Facilitator
MSW, EMU with concentration in Mental Health and Chemical Dependency.
BA in English, Michigan State University
Trained in SOAR SSI applications and Harm-Reduction
Human Resources and Services Administration Behavioral Health Fellowship Grantee

mary website
Mary Curmi-Herrera
Case Manager
Trained in SOAR SSI applications
Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified

erin websiteErin Schaffer
Family Therapist
MSW, University of Michigan
Training: Naloxone training and experiential learning
Mental Health First Aid Certification, School of Social Work Certification

Adrianna Spindle,
Family Therapist
MSW, University of Michigan

Jessica Stephenson Education Project Coordinator University of Michigan

Brian website
Brian Todorow
Clinical Director
LMSW & MA in Public Policy and Management, Ohio State University

kayla website
Cayla Yuhn
Case Manager
BSW, Wayne State University
Trained in SOAR applications

dave website
Dave Zellmer
MORE Support Therapist
MSW, University of Michigan, LMSW Clinical Social Worker, Trauma Focused CBT Certified



Malak Baker
Miller House Skills Coordinator 

Katie Foss
Residential Coordinator
BA Sociology University of Michigan

Sarah Calgie-Karr
Director of Residential Services
MSW, Eastern Michigan University

Pumpkin websitePumpkin
Resident Cat

sheila website
Sheila Roby
Overnight Youth Specialist

Youth Specialists:Malak Baker, Jasimen Bailey, Raquel Black,Amber Fellows, Kellie DeVaughn, Nicole Hall, Jessica Hermann, Scott Kardel, Meisha Martin, Leanna Miller, LaKeisha Phillips, Dan Powers, Brialle Ringer, Eliana Rosen, Ashley TenHaken, Maryam Tout, Melinda Walsh, Kathryn Zemke.


Jessica Herrmann
Drop-In Center Worker
MSW, University of Michigan

Chardae Korhonen
Engagement Program Manager
BSW, Eastern Michigan University

Cōlleen O’Brien
Youth Opportunity Director
MSW, Eastern Michigan University

Scott Phillips
Youth Employment Coordinator
BSW, Eastern Michigan University

Peer Outreach Workers 2017 


pam ca websitePam Cornell-Allen Associate Director LMSW, University of Michigan Youth Work Methods Trainer of Trainers, Weikert Center for Youth Program Quality

pam f websitePam Fons
Finance Director
BS in Public Administration, Eastern Michigan University

Krista Girty
Executive Director
MSW Eastern Michigan University

Sha’Ran Love
Office Manager
GCBA Business Administration, EMU.
BS in Psychology, minor in Social Work


Olga Prushinskaya
Program Evaluation & Grants Manager
MPH, University of Michigan

Ugbaad Keynan
Finance & Development Associate

heidi websiteHeidi Ruud
Marketing & Communications Specialist
MBA, Northwestern University

Allie website
Allie Schachter
Development Director
MBA, University of Michigan


Soni Mithani, JD
Board President
Attorney, Miller Canfield

Kristin Johnson
Kristin Johnson, DDS
Board Vice President
Owner, Liberty Dental, PLC

Carlton Lartigue

Board Secretary
Educator, Retired Professional Sales/Marketing Executive

Andrew Gilroy
Board Treasurer
Steel Portfolio Manager, DTE Energy


Susan Allison
Community Leader

David Hartmann
David Hartmann
Mentor in Residence, University of Michigan

Julia JenistaJulia Jenista
Secondary School Teacher

emily website
Emily Moore-Marshall
Telling It Program Coordinator, University of Michigan

Brodie Remington
Brodie Remington
Director of International Giving, University of Michigan

Shawntae Harris               Academic Advisor Washtenaw Community College 



Robert Holmes, PhD 
Retired University Ombudsman, University of Michigan

Constance Jones, JD

David Keren, MD
Retired Medical Director, Warde Medical Laboratories

Ethel Lee
Neighbor & Community Leader

Lynn Martin
Business Manager, Zingerman’s Delicatessen

John Palladino, PhD
Professor, Eastern Michigan University


Karen Staller, JD, PhD
Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Michigan
Author – “Runaways: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped Today’s Practices and Policies”

Angela Williams
Crisis Line Volunteer, Community Leader



Kate Balzer
Project Coordinator at University of Michigan Health System

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: The job training and career services offered by Ozone House are some of my favorites – I was able to be involved with the Community Kitchen Job Training Program when I worked at Food Gatherers, and the students and graduates.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: Getting involved in the community was one of the things that most made Ann Arbor feel like home to me – I can’t think of a better way to get to know your community! Education: University of Michigan, Organizational Studies 2010, Masters of Social Work 2014

Avery Gleason
Business Intelligence Analyst at Office of University Development at the University of Michigan

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I first heard about Ozone House when I was placed as an intern in their development office through a U-M program. I originally didn’t know much about Ozone House, but quickly fell in love. When you walk around your city, how often do you see homeless young people? Never. These are young people who are invisible and voiceless. Ozone House is so special because they bring to light all the young people society often ignores and empowers them with shelter, skills, support, and ultimately love.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: Young people often think they have to wait until they are older to impact their communities and make a difference. This is such a lie! Right now, young people can be the change agents our communities need. What can’t young people do?
Education: University of Michigan, Economics 2015

Joanna Gross
Account Manager, Business and Industrial Markets at Google

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: Ozone House provides critical services to youth right in our own backyards. Being a young person is hard, especially when housing becomes unstable, and I volunteer at Ozone House because I believe in it’s power to help make growing up in a tough situation a little easier. My favorite service is case management, because it focuses on empowering young people to become self sufficient, contributing members of society.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: Millennials are a really passionate group and it is important that we channel our energy into causes that better our community, because we have the power to do tremendous good. We are able to spread the word about important causes and rally people in a way that’s unique to our generation.
Education: University of Michigan, Psychology, Medical Anthropology, 2013

Shawntae Harris
College Success Coach at Washtenaw Community College

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I worked as a Youth Care Specialist at REACH Runaway Shelter in Flint for over six years and I’ve long admired Ozone’s programs! When I moved to Washtenaw County for graduate school, I wanted to find a way to volunteer with Ozone right away and the MOB provided the perfect opportunity. I was always particularly impressed with the Drop-In Center. I think it fills such a need. Drop-in services provide an opportunity to get connected with youth that might not otherwise seek services. It’s invaluable!
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: A lot of millennials that I know want to do work that is meaningful and that work can start by helping out within our communities. Volunteerism and service has always been important to me and I’ve loved the work I’ve been able to do through volunteer roles. As an AmeriCorps member, I served as a volunteer recruiter for the Red Cross. It was so meaningful to not only serve my community through the AmeriCorps program, but also be in a position to help young people serve their communities through volunteer service. Being involved in our communities is an easy way to start changing the world!
Education: University of Michigan-Flint, Sociology 2015, Eastern Michigan University, Higher Education Student Affairs

Samantha Lemmen
College Connections Coordinator at University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I love that Ozone House meets struggling youth where they’re at — and then provides practical resources that result in empowerment. Ozone House sees the potential of every young person in our community, and supports them to reach their goals.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: I think that most things are best done or experienced in community. And in order to fully experience community, you need to invest in the community that you live immediately in, and work to make sure others who live in that community also feel that they have a place in it and are experiencing a sense of community to the fullest.
Education: University of Michigan, Psychology, Business Administration 2016

Emma Monos
Retail Studio Administrator at Hobbs+Black Architects

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I believe everyone deserves a place where they can feel safe and be inspired to achieve their dreams.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: Millennials are a large part of the population for many communities. As more millennials get involved the greater the impact they can have.
Education: University of Connecticut, Psychology, Communications 2013

Monica Philipp
Regional Director of Development at University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I volunteer with Ozone House because it sees young people for who they are — young people. And works hard to provide all young people with the support and resources they need to succeed.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: It is important to be involved because organizations like Ozone House expose you to stories that you might not know are occurring where you live. It allows you to utilize your time in a productive manner and positively impact those around you.
Education: University of Michigan, Psychology 2015

Madeline Smith
Operations Manager at the Fair Food Network

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I volunteer at Ozone because I think the services and interventions they offer for youth are vital. Ozone is making a difference an individuals life when it matters, most!
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: I think too often we put off community involvement until we have more financial resources, stature, and more. In reality, there is a lot of room for millennials to make a positive impact in their communities with their time and energy.
Education: University of Michigan, Environmental Studies, 2012

Anna Thompson
Administrative Partner at U-M College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Office of Development, Marketing, and Communications

Why I volunteer at Ozone House: I volunteer at Ozone House because I think the youth in our community have the potential to change the world for the better and I want to ensure they have the support and resources they need to do so.
Why I feel it’s important for millennials to be actively involved in their community: As a millennial, it’s important that I am actively involved in my community so that I have a direct connection to the resources and people that make Ann Arbor such an amazing place to live.
Education: University of Michigan, Communication Studies, 2016

“The work at Ozone House is personally rewarding and I love interacting with my compassionate co-workers!”

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Ozone House is a safe place, almost like a family.

Former Ozone House client August 6, 2016

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