Drop-In Center

Youth visit the Drop-In Center every weekday after school to:

• Hang out at a safe place

• Eat a hot meal

• Do laundry

• Take a shower

• Use computers & phones

• Play games

• Access Ozone House services

Open every weekday at 4pm.

To learn more about the Drop-In Center, please call (734) 662-2222 or visit the Drop-In Center's Facebook page.



Each month, the Drop-In Center stays open late on Thursday evenings for one of the following:


1st Thursday - A fun activity with Mary & the Peer Outreach Workers

2nd & 4th Thursdays - Life Skills Groups with Chardae, Colleen, Mary, Scott & the Peer Outreach Workers

3rd Thursday - Career Panel & Pizza


Programs at the Drop-In Center

In addition to the activities listed above, several Ozone House programs are offered at the Drop-In Center. They include:

Case management


Street Outreach

• Youth Making an Impact*

*Youth Making an Impact

YMI is a youth volunteer group organized through Ozone House. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for youth to positively affect our community. We do this by getting involved in service projects and through community activism. If you are under 18 and would like to participate in a YMI volunteer event, please have your parent or guardian fill out a YMI Parent Consent Form and bring it with you on the day of the event. To get involved with YMI events, contact: Colleen O’Brien at cobrien@ozonehouse.org.

Ozone House Drop-In Center
102 N. Hamilton
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Drop-In Center Youth and Staff

Staff and Youth at Hallozone

“I thought the Drop-In was the coolest place in the entire world because there were all these positive young people and a lot of positive energy. It was so different from the neighborhood we lived in.”

Meghan, former Peer Outreach Worker, now a student at NYU