Income Sources – FY 2019

$1,431,266…   53%         Federal, State and Local Grants
$470,281  …..   17%         Foundations
$793,946 …..  29%         Gifts & Events 
$27,806 ……..    1%         Other
$2,723,299    TOTAL

Functional Expenses – FY 2019

$2,094,589.. .. 79%         Program Services
$294,237……..  11%        Management/General
$204,885……..  10%        Fundraising
$2,593,711      TOTAL

Learn how our financials impact youth and families.

Ozone House was an awesome place for dealing with family issues and other things during a time when I was suicidal. I went to Ozone House because I thought I could escape my problems. What I found was a safe, supportive place where I could openly discuss my problems and get help.

Former Ozone House client August 6, 2016

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to hundreds of homeless and runaway youth in our community.

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