Substance Use Support and Education

Lets Connect!

  • Are you worried about your alcohol, tobacco, drug or prescription medicine use?
  • Have questions?
  • Want to talk about ways to use more safely?
  • Want to use less or trying to quit?
  • Want to connect with substance use/abuse treatment services?

    If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, reach out or stop in! Let’s talk!

    Real Talk

    A substance use education group that meets bi-weekly at the Drop-In Center.

    It is a safe space for young people to explore topics related to substance use and harm reduction.

    What is Harm Reduction?

    Harm Reduction approaches to substance use are rooted in dignity, education and choice. Harm Reduction is the practice of meeting people where they are at, without judgement, and with a primary focus on safety and reducing the potential harm that could be caused by drug and/or alcohol use.

    In both individual and group settings, Chardae offers mindfulness-based approaches to managing cravings and moderating use for those who are actively using. For those interested in treatment, the Engagement Program offers in-house support and resources as well as linkages to our community partners.


    Need help now?

    Support and resources for youth and those who care about youth are available any time - day or night - CALL (734) 666-2222, TEXT "Ozone" to (734) 662-2222 M-TH 10am-5pm and Friday 10am-4pm, or click here to CHAT M-TH 10am-5pm and Friday 10am-4pm.

    All Ozone House services are free, voluntary and confidential.

    If you are interested in this program, come see us at the Drop-In Center or contact our crisis line.

    The Drop-In Center is located at 102 N. Hamilton Street, Ypsilanti, MI.


    I came to Ozone House because I wanted to talk to someone about my depression and I have no one to really talk to, so I came here.

    Ozone House client August 6, 2016

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