Support Renters and Landlords

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From our partners at the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, “The Michigan Legislature is threatening to hold up federal rental assistance dollars. Contact them today to tell them they’re putting thousands of renters and landlords at risk.

The Michigan Legislature is playing games with the over $660 million in emergency rental assistance sent to our state from the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. The most recent House plan allocates only a small fraction of the amount dedicated to rental and utilities assistance. Further, these delays are putting at risk our ability to spend the funding before the September 30 deadline to obligate 65% of our funds before the federal government will recapture any remaining amount.”


  •  Michigan renters and landlords need your support. The CARES Act funding that supported the states Eviction Diversion Program (EDP) was hugely successful with nearly $50 million going towards keeping renters in their homes and supporting landlords. 
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  • We can’t wait any longer. The Consolidated Appropriations Act allocated over $660 million for the state of Michigan to use in rental and utilities assistance. Our waiting lists are already growing with households and landlords needing that support. 
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  • Renters AND landlords are being unnecessarily harmed. It’s not just renters who are hurting right now and being served by emergency rental assistance. Landlords are hurting too. EDP funds directly supported landlords struggling to pay their own bills. Not allocating the full federal amount needlessly puts them at risk of falling behind on their own payments.
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  • Every delayed day is putting federal money at risk. Congress is requiring that 65% of this original grant be obligated by September 20, 2021, at such time the federal government will recapture any excess funds that are unobligated. Time is of the essence. In order to reach this 65% threshold deadline, Michigan will have to obligate over $50 million each month if the program were to launch by Monday, February 1. If we wait until March 1, that monthly amount increases to $60 million. Every day wasted could literally cost our state millions of dollars.