Honoring George Floyd with Accountability

Ozone House General Blog

Image by Claudio Martinez | Milwaukee Independent

Today, we honor the memory of George Floyd and we continue our commitment to being people of resilience and action.

We stand with Black lives and Black youth and we will continue doing the long hard work of justice as we speak out for an end to police brutality and advocate for the dismantling of systemic racism in our community and around the world.

At Ozone House, we recognize the triggering emotional toll that violence and racism take on Black lives. We will continue to support the Black community and our young people who are experiencing this brutality both first hand, directly from police, and second hand, as they bear witness to violence against others around the nation.  

We affirm that the arrest and conviction of the former officer who murdered George Floyd is a significant moment of holding people in power accountable for their actions and inaction.  But we also know that it does not let our legal and carceral systems, which have brutalized Black and Brown communities for generations, off the hook.  Justice will be served only when all People of Color can live without fear.