A Special Video Presentation – Direct Service Team Update and Chris’s Story

Ozone House General Blog

Dear Community & Supporters of Ozone House,

Before you watch the short video below, I want to share a few things that we were planning to do at our in-person event that was to take place today. Our intention was to come together to share a meal and hear stories about the challenges and successes of these past two years. We planned to give awards to young leaders and to community members who have helped to keep young people safe and healthy. We wanted to create an interactive art piece in which we could share memories of adults who were important and supportive of us when we were young. 

We will still do all those things, just not right now.

Having to cancel an event is a small challenge compared to the daily challenges the young people we work with have been through and are still navigating. They are moving forward with their lives in the face of homelessness, mental health struggles, community violence, racial injustice and other individual and systemic level crises that seem to be increasing daily. 

Please help us reach our $100,000 goal today.

Ozone House continues to provide essential services to help our young people navigate these crises. We’ve been open 24/7, 365 days during the pandemic. The need for these critical services is only continuing to rise. 

Please watch this video that features some of our staff who have been on the frontlines working with young people. The video also features a former Ozone House youth who shares his personal story. 

Thank you for your steadfast support.

With Determination,

– Krista Girty | Executive Director